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All Testimonials & Customer Comments are available in our office for your viewing.

To the Owner and Staff: I have been completely satisified with the fence system.  My dog learned the boundaries quickly and has continued to respect the boundaries as long as she wears her collar.  I have been particularly impressed with the service provided.  I will continue to recommend you to clients and friends. Sincerely,  Dr. M. Walker, DMV


All Pet Stop Fencing...You guys are the best and I tell everyone I know how pleased we are with our fence.  Hope you're having a great summer!  Best, L. Russell


Thanks for everything. I think this is year 5 or 6 with my "fence" and we couldn't be happier. My next door neighbor is amazed because her dog does everthing to try to entice him to leave the yard but he won't go. So if you need a good testimonial I think that's it. P-Keller


Thank you for sending the battery.  "Bailey" loves her new found freedom the fence gives her.  She goes out more and loves to sit out there on nice days.  My family and I have no more worries when she is out, no fear of her getting hit by a car anymore.  Thanks - A. Dagnall


Dear Pet Stop, I just wanted to thank you again for great service. I have recommended you to many and would be more than happy to talk to any potential clients, just give them my home phone number.  Sincerely - Dr. T. Devlin


Thanks for excellent service - T. Harrison


So glad you remembered, I've not kept track of how long its been since her last battery change.  Things are great - she is much calmer now - finally stopped chewing up the porch.  Hope your business is doing well - we've been happy customers - R. Newman


Thanks for the batteries. I had forgotten all about that.  Dogs and fence are doing great.  We haven't had a break in over a year now! Knock on wood.  Hope all is well with you and your new baby - who is probably all over the place by now.  As ever - A. Mergerlin


Thanks for great service. - R. Schroeder


It works great.  I love it. - B. Bingham


Thanks - it is keeping those wild beast contained! M. Brydges


Thank you for the quick service. - S. Gatewood


Thanks for your quick response to my fence break. - M. Simpson


Dear Pet Stop.  I can't tell you how much we've enjoyed our system.  I think Debit has passed every conceivable test from rabbits running through the yard to children trying to coax him out.  Dogs have entered our yard when he's outside and he'll chase them to "his" line which is a few feet inside yours and stop.

I have smiled many times looking out my kitchen window and see him running with a stick or rolling in the grass or just lying on the porch surveying his domain.  Thank you so much for an excellent product and the great service that accompanied it.  We recommend your services to anyone who asks and trust that should the need arise again, we will call upon you.  - P. Keller & Debit


      - We having sold our home (address).  We are taking the fence components with us and once our new home is complete we will need to have a fence installed.  I will contact you when we are ready and if we are out of your area hope you can recommend someone.  Our beagles really enjoy their "freedom" along with us.  It will be difficult living without it for the next few months.  Congratulations on the new addition to the family.  It has been a pleasure dealing with you over the past few years.  Hope we can continue in a few months when your new house is complete.  P & W Kei


Thanks for what you do, you truly provide a great service. S. Reddick & Dogs


Dear All Pet Stop Fencing - Thanks for making things so easy.  We appreciated your service and love the Pet Fence.  It has served us perfectly for 5 years! Happy New Year! Thanks again J & L Sutherland


Thank you and Koby "Thanks You" for being so fast with his battery.  It is a wonderful service you have.  Thank you - R. Cole


Folks just want to say thanks so much.  Thank you for all ya'll have done for me and my 4 legged friends. Drew