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Pet Stop Pet Fence Products

All our Transmitters have Digital Monolog Technology (DM)- The digital framework eliminates interference due to it's ability for numerous settings.  Unlike other pet containment systems that use a AM or FM frequency, DM ensures a tight digital Code which delivers the precise intended signal leaving no “holes” in your pet fence. 

 UltraElite® Series 2 Products

UltraElite® Series 2 Receiver
UltraElite® Series 2 Receiver

Our UltraElite® Collar receiver weighs 1.3 oz. and is the lightest, most advance, customizable collar available on the market. Each receiver can be individually programmed to meet the specific needs of your pet(s).  The UltraElite receiver can be programmed to work on most Pet Containment transmitters.  Including Invisible Fence®, DogWatch® Hidden Fence, Pet Safe®, and Dog Guard®.

Pet Stop Ultrauff® SmartReceiver Collar
Pet Stop Ultrauff® SmartReceiver Collar

Only Pet Stop protects sensitive electronics with the industry’s toughest, most durable case built with a special thermoplastic blend. With 2X the wall thickness of lesser dog fence receivers, UltraTuff® provides superior protection from the elements and other tortures that come with hanging around in your dog's rough & tumble world.


  • Lightweight 2 oz. UltraTuff Receiver || Tough But Comfortable
  • Thousands of Advanced Options || Independent Settings for Multiple Pets
  • Safer Case Design || Reliable & Waterproof for Lasting Durability


Greater UltraTuff™ Reliability  


   > Super Rigid Construction

   > 2X Wall Thickness of other Receivers

   > Superior Chew Resistance

   > Maximum Impact Protection

   > Totally Waterproof

Extremely small and lightweight, the The Elite® SW Receiver features a patented correction scheme that adapts to your pets specific behavior. Our "Basic" Elite SW receiver features progressive and fixed levels of correction to match your dog’s unique temperament, as well as many more patented features not found in our competitors' best products.

OT-200 Transmitter
OT-200 Transmitter


The Ultimate in Customization, the OT-200 Transmitter offers you literally thousands of adjustable options to suit your pets individually, as well as your specific pet containment needs. Designed to be easy to understand and simple to use, this transmitter offers many unique, patented features to give you full control of your pet fence system.

Elite® SW Series 1 Products

OT-100 Transmitter OT-100 Transmitter


The Elite Series OT-100 Transmitter offers many patented features and adjustability which set it above competitive systems. The reliability of 3 available frequencies and 4 modulation schemes, Stabili-Temp™ to insure consistent boundaries, and compatibility with competitors' systems make this transmitter a great value, too.


If your dog has a more determined mindset, the UltraMax® Receiver is the collar for you. Just like our other collars, the Ultramax offers many adjustable correction levels. With a Stopper™ option and Anti Run-Through™ technology, the UltraMax is extremely convincing - the most effective collar available in the industry at keeping your pets safe.

Pet Stop SmartReceiver Collar Batteries are ranked the highest in the industry in both reliability and durability - they're even known for their excellent performance in cold weather. They are also customer friendly - easy to replace, and comparatively less expensive than most competitors' brands. 


Pet Stop® is a registered trademark of Perimeter Technologies, Inc. Invisible Fence® by Pet Safe®, PetSafe® are registered trademarks of Radio Systems Corporation. DogWatch is a registered trademark of DogWatch, Inc®.

Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corp®. DogWatch® is a registered trademark of DogWatch Inc.® DogGuard® is a registered trade mark of Sunward Electronics®, Pet Safe® is a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corp®.


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